SAD light - smart switch
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Looking for an off the shelf really bright light that has a mechanical switch so I can run it with a smart plug.

* Really bright like being outside on a bright day.
* Needs to stay in the on setting even if unplugged and plugged back in again, so that it works with my smart plug (TP Link brand smart plug).
* Cost is an issue, budget up to ~100$ (less would be keen).
* Mildly prefer LED.
* I simply haven't got the time to DIY this.
* Needs to look "OK" (no exposed wires, that kind of thing, but plain/minimalist/industrial is fine).
* I would prefer something with a mounting surface on the back, or at least flattish, so I can mount it on a sloped ceiling.
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I have a verilux light with a mechanical switch that probably meets most of your requirements, except for the mounting surface - its kind of got a bump at the bottom for the base, but has an otherwise flat back. Not sure the model number. Looking online now, on amazon, they have some better suited ones that have a cradle you can remove the light from, and the back is now completely flat. Pretty sure it was about $100 USD when I got it.
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This one pictured here has the mechanical switch the same as mine. Position 1 is left, position 2 is right, middle is off. If you leave it in position 1 or 2 and unplug, it turns on when you plug it back in.
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