What was that 'fake letters to companies' blog from the early 2000s?
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Back in the early 2000s (think early Metafilter days!), there was a blog/site, back when there were only like a few thousand blogs, that featured fake/darkly-comic/OTT letters to companies. Of particular note, one such letter invited a company to help the writer commit suicide in a mysterious manner...

...a manner so mysterious, in fact, that their children would always believe there was something deeper to the writer's death (perhaps a self-storage manifest would unravel an unusual coincidence, implying the writer was part of some larger conspiracy and perhaps even gave their life for their country). Unfortunately the real-life recipient of the letter (rightly!) alerted the authorities to this 'suicidal' person and all further letters were never actually sent out to the companies.

[It was culturally adjacent to Metafilter, Boing Boing, blogroll sidebars, Uber.nu, WhyGodWhy, Fireland, Sweet Fancy Moses, etc]

[Fun B question: same question type, same era, but this blog invited people to write in with letters they'd never 'actually' send to the real recipient. It was a bit PostSecret-y.]
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The Timewaster Letters?
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Were they resume/job application cover letters? I'm having trouble finding it, but I remember somebody making a blog of these really ridiculous cover letters that he started writing while he was looking for a job, trying to make them dramatic or conspiratorial or just weird, and I remember that he did have to stop actually sending them, and that he also eventually put them all in a book. If this sounds familiar, let me know, and I'll keep trying to find what I vaguely remember!
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http://www.27bslash6.com/ ?
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Overqualified by Joey Comeau, specifically "#37: My father was a great man"

(see "#38: letter of apology for #37" for further details)
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If this sort of thing appeals to you, you might like The Laszlo Letters. This was comedian Don Novello (aka Father Guido Sarducci) doing the same thing in the 70s. I believe he originated the concept.
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Henry Root is another older instantiation of this, it's fantastic
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Overqualified is the one I was thinking of, thanks rollick!
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