the mystery of the locked room mystery
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I read a great semi-short story whose title was something along the lines of 'the Locked Room' or 'the Man behind the Locked Door.' Not this this this this or this. The plot involved a man whose friend disappeared, leaving him, for all intents and purposes, his life and his wife. The main character is convinced his friend is alive and becomes obsessed with tracking him down. As I recall, it was considered a classic and came in a book with three other stories.
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Best answer: The_New_York_Trilogy
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Paul Auster! Kapers has it!
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Response by poster: many thanks. It was like googling for a needle in a hay stack made of bad genre fiction!
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Piggybacking on this question to say that the graphic novelization of City of Glass (the first story in the New York Trilogy) is very good.
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