Recent half-remembered song about sleeping rough
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I had a song in my Apple Music weekly new music playlist probably between six months and a year ago, and I want to hear it again. It was a collaboration between two artists, and I remember that the vocalist didn’t have much other music out at the time. I think the singer was female, maybe Irish, and told a story about sleeping outside.

She turned down some people who offered her alcohol or drugs, and as a result was given a nickname that I think referred to her sobriety. The nickname became the refrain of the song: the people saw her and yelled “hey, it’s _____”. She said it was going to be a long night, and sounded tiredly resigned. It might have been wet or cold outside. The lyrics were mostly sort of spoken. I can’t remember enough of the words to google this for the life of me. Ring any bells?
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That's it. Thank you!
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