Best Cardio Dance Workouts
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I love doing cardio dance (I do Werq and Zumba classes currently) and am looking for the best streaming cardio dance workouts for at home. Have any favorites?

I also do a lot of Leslie Sansone walk at home stuff, but some days I would really prefer the mental and physical energy needed to keep up with a dance workout. I enjoy Keaira LaShae quite a bit, and was considering joining her website, but it's down at the moment.

As to what I like most, I prefer dancing to songs that I know (from the radio, etc), but the style of dance isn't super important. I am not a professional dancer, so dance moves that the average person can execute are good. I do enjoy having to work on the moves a bit, so it doesn't have to be super simple.

Please link me to your favorite streaming cardio dance workouts. I would of course prefer free, but I will definitely pay for great content. Thank you!
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Best answer: Have you seen The Fitness Marshall's YouTube channel?
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Ha! I came here to post a link to the workout that features the "booty bus" move (which is hilarious on its own, and also the preceding move is just spanking your own butt, which is also hilarious) and it turns out that is the Fitness Marshall. Seconding the Fitness Marshall.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your answers! I have joined the Booty Army and found some other good dance cardio people (Dance Fitness with Jessica is notably good). I was leaving this open in the hopes that someone would come in with even more suggestions, but I'll close it now. Thanks again!
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