Bar across bottom of screen on second monitor with Firefox and Chrome.
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Examples in the more inside. For the past several months, when using firefox or chrome on my second monitor, a black (chrome) or white (firefox) bar appears on the bottom of the screen. It's like the browser window just stops where the bar starts. I have turned off graphics acceleration per a couple random suggestions I found, but it is still happening. How do I make this stop?

It's only when the windows are maximized. If they are less than maximized there is no bar. Using most recent versions of firefox and chrome. Windows 10. This is at work, so there's very few changes I can actually make.

Examples: firefox; chrome. I'm not sure what other details are pertinent.
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What do you get if you right-click on the bar?
posted by wellred at 9:26 AM on December 4, 2018

it goes to whatever program was maximized behind that window (excel, access, etc).
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I see this sometimes in Windows 10 - I blame it on my monitors being 1920x1080 and my laptop screen is 3200x1800 with scaling. This happens mostly when I'm throwing windows around the various monitors.

It's just something that Win10 occasionally barfs on. I think it's the auto scaling problem.

The only solution I've found is a turning off Firefox (and waiting for all the processes to end) before restarting the browser.
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