Macbook freezing up
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My 2013 Retina MacBook Pro has taken to freezing up at times. Is this fixable?

It stops responding to trackpad and keyboard completely for 10-30 seconds, then goes back to normal.
Once this has happened, it keeps happening every couple of minutes unless I turn the MB on and off, which makes it stop for a day or so.
I haven't found a pattern, any specific software or condition which brings it on. Sometimes it's in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon after using it all day.
Using High Sierra.
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Give EtreCheck a run and see if it finds any issues. It's in the App Store as well, if you don't feel like downloading from outside the App Store, but it's a slightly different version due to App Store limitations.
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First thing that comes to mind is overheating. Take a can of compressed air and give the fan vent a good spraydown.
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Does using a peripheral mouse or keyboard stil work? If so, I’ve had this exact issue with a 2013 , which got progressively worse over about 8 weeks and wasn’t resolved by an Apple Store trip (they couldn’t find anything wrong via their diagnostics and suggested sending it off for a full keyboard replacement and coding it as a battery replacement so it would only cost around $200). Instead I read a bunch of forums, found a few people describing similar, and ordered a $12 replacement trackpad cable, which took maybe 15 minutes to install at work with directions from iFixit and the right screwdriver set.
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I expect you’re not running the original install of OS X and have updated from time to time. Or, have you ever connected to a different external disk, cloud drive, or TimeMacine setup? Often, these hangs are the OS looking for a resource that isn’t there, as a result of some marooned preference/kext file. I had this from an old adandoned Dropbox install, for example. Background Spolight activity is another common issue. Turn it off and see what happens.

Sometimes a clue can be had by looking at the console messages, top, or netstat -a in Terminal. A clean reinstall might be the ticket.

As noted above, some hardware issues would be considered if the relatively simple and free OS refresh does not help.
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Oh, it could be the hard disk about to fail. Be sure your backups are up to date now!
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I know you said there's no pattern, but are you able to associate it with a web browser being open?

This isn't a fix, but if you're familiar with Activity Monitor you could try making it visible at all times in a small window -- so the next time your computer becomes unresponsive you might be able to see what's causing it.
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First I would update to Mojave and see if things improve.

Also, a basic diagnostic trick is to make a new account on the machine and then log into that. If the problems go away, then you have a software problem specific to that user account (e.g a bad prefs file somewhere).
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Booting into Safe Mode is another way to isolate the source of a problem. In addition to running only the bare minimum of system resources, a Safe Boot will also run a diagnostic of your hard drive and clear most of the system caches.
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I updated to Mojave, so far its 3 days without freezing. Thanks!
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