LED conversion for H11B headlights?
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I own a 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe. The headlight bulbs are size H11B, and somewhat of a pain to replace. Because of this, I would like to get LED replacements and replace them just one more time. However, the usual places I would buy such a thing (Amazon, Autozone, etc) don't seem to stock LED bulbs in this size. Is there any reason why?

I can find scads of LED H11 (the ones with regular plugs) bulbs everywhere, but I've only found H11B (the "twist lock" ones that my car uses) on a couple of obscure and sketchy-seeming sites. Are H11Bs just not popular enough to make it worth many people's time to make LED versions? (I can't imagine that's the case since there seem to be at least ten other people on my street that own the same car, and everywhere I go has conventional replacement bulbs in that size.) Is there some technical reason that converting H11B is a worse idea than converting other sizes?
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There are some for your car advertised here:

But I know nothing about converting a car's headlight bulbs to LEDs
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I also have no idea about your specific issue, but I can say that I've had good luck with other LED replacement lamps I've purchased from superbrightleds.
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The ones for sale at superbrightleds are size H11, not H11B. Even though they say that they're for my car, they won't fit.
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