Where to order super mario themed candy
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My nephew is really into Super Mario right now. I've seen that there are super mario themed candy in Japan. I'd like to get him some for Christmas. I'm in Canada. Is there a way that isn't insanely expensive to order some candy to be sent over here?
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Well, in the USA, I've seen Kellogg make Mario fruit snacks. Need to cross the border.

You could look to buy mustache candy.

You could forgo the candy and buy him a SNES Classic Edition. (Or a nintendo switch!)

Searching Mario Candy on Amazon.ca brings up the following:




Overall, I'm seeing a TON more on the USA site than the canada site, unfortunately. How far are you from the border, or do you know anyone making a trip soon?
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I would try your local Asian mall/candy store.

Alternatively there’s a lot of options on Amazon US, from mushroom tins, to characters with coins, to Pez dispensers all Mario-themed. Amazon will ship a lot of US items to Canada direct. Or you can try to find someone US-based to do it.

If you need I would be happy to do this for you if you like, I’m based in the US. I’m also returning home to Toronto (but late like the 18th) so if you’re in the physical GTA area I can bring it home for your pickup. Just memail if you’d like that help.
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Here are some gummy candies my kids like, on amazon.co.jp, which ships internationally.
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Are you able to get to a local Chinatown or a T&T Supermarket?
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I don't know my terminology, please bear with me...but I have seen the (question mark tins) with candy inside, in stores here in Ontario. I can't remember exactly which stores but I am almost 100% sure they were at EB Games and/or the Sugar Mountain candy store. Maybe even dollar stores have them.
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These aren’t bad. Just little candy coated crunchy pez/(American) Smarties type candy. I’ve also seen mushroom tins, and maybe question blocks? And you get to keep the tin when thebcandy’s gone.
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would the JBox site be useful, perhaps? I admit I haven't seen the candy, but they do have a couple other Super Mario things.
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I've seen the mushroom tin candies at the checkout counter of Best Buys (specifically, the one on Cambie in Vancouver). If there's one nearby, it might be worthwhile to see if they carry any SMB themed stuff.
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