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I want to buy a woman I know a cool scarf or wrap or some jewelry for Christmas. I went to my local artisan's market/boutiquey area yesterday and didn't find anything I liked. What are some online sources? A few snowflakes below.

High quality is super important, since I won't be able to see or feel the thing before purchasing. So Modcloth is out. Etsy by itself is not a good answer for the same reason, but an Etsy store you have personal experience with would be great. Cool, unusual, not super conservative would be nice.

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Slow Factory for high quality scarves (though the pictures are a bit misleading on size; those must be tiny models. The dimensions are accurate, however).
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Besides Etsy, which can be overwhelming to navigate, look at museum shops, which carry stunning scaves and shawls: Metropolitan Museum; MOMA, Whitney, Clark Museum; Philadelphia, Getty, Guggenheim, etc.
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This will depend on your aesthetic and budget, but I've liked the couple of pieces I've gotten from Aurum in Iceland and they've just made their worldwide shipping charges a lot more reasonable.

Be careful with the museum stuff; it can be a very mixed bag. I have a couple of very nice silk scarves from the Met but even after their gift store reform they still carry a fair amount of polyester nastiness.
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Eileen Fisher sells gorgeous, luxury scarves (and other winter accessories) that are responsibly produced. The prices can be a on the spendy end, but they do have great sales.
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I'm partial to the accessories sold by indie designers on Of A Kind, and I love my scarf from Block Shop. A bit pricey but so soft and warm and lightweight and beautiful! If you want a solid scarf, rather than a patterned one, I've heard great things about Chan Luu scarves, although they're are beyond my price range so I can't vouch for them myself!
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I was just going to recommend the scarves at Block Shop Textiles - so there's two votes.
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And I forgot to recommend some jewelry - I like Material Wit personally. Her prices are good and I can't own enough of her hair pins. Quality is great imo.
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I recommend the Met Museum store. I bought this scarf for a couple people last year, and it's beautiful
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Etsy shops I would recommend: scarves1, scarves2, jewelery1, jewelery2, jewelery3, jewelery4, jewelery5.
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My friend Valerie makes nifty button scarves.
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I'm a huge fan of scarves and the ones I wear the most are from Desigual
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I like Scarf Shop, it's a small business that hand dyes everything themselves. The style is minimalist and the quality is lovely, all the scarves come in a bunch of colors. I'd look at the Wool Cloud or the Cotton Giant. Over the years I've bought five scarves and another one is always on my wish list.
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