Trying to find an old animation for Dvorak's 9th Symphony
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Once upon a time in ye ancient days of internet, there was a flash animation put out by a orchestra that walked the listener through the movements of Dvorak's 9th Symphony. Does anyone know which orchestra it was? Is it still online in any form?

The site was designed for a 640x480 resolution or so. Maybe 800x600. The bits I remembered are a train for the flute part of the 3rd movement and something about Appalachian dancers later on in the same movement. It also had quotes from Dvorak's servant or traveling companion about "the master's" experiences in the United States. I think it was aimed at kids more than adults. It would have been up in the early 2000s.

Given that this was a flash animation probably from over 10 years ago, it's probably offline. But I was talking to my wife about The New World Symphony tonight and remembered it and wanted to show her what I was talking about, so I'm asking here.
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I remember that, and I think I found it here! But I can't find it now, of course. I found this analysis of the first movement, which is neat, but probably not what you're looking for.
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Found it -- kind of. It was a Carnegie Hall Listening Adventure from 2001, but the site is definitely Flash only. I don't have that *spits* abomination activated in my browser, so I'm not sure if the Flash files are even there any more.

This entry page (FLASH, bloody hell) credits the Weill Music Institute within Carnegie, so you might want to contact them directly about a non-Flash version. I don't see a non-interactive version on their YouTube channel.
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The recording was by the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra. This seems to be it, but it's also on Spotify. No visuals, but all the music and explanations.
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maudlin, that's the exact site I was thinking of. Now to set up a walled, entrenched, sandboxed etc. setting on a browser.
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