Extra-wide pillowcases?
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My husband's preferred pillow is big and gusseted. Stuffing it into a regular pillowcase is a challenge, and it compresses the pillow in a way he dislikes. He'd like pillowcases for a present this year, but I'm having trouble finding the right ones. They need to be wider than almost any I've found, yet not overly long -- as close as possible to 22-24" wide x 33-36" long. (21" is definitely too narrow and king length of 40" is definitely too long... unless it's the only option and worth having it shortened.)

I think this or similar is his pillow. One year, I cut some custom-sized pillowcases from a sheet, pinned them, and brought them to a tailor to sew up. Those were less expensive than having them made from scratch, and they fit well. But he needs more, and I'd rather just buy them this time instead. If it's unavoidable, I'll consider ones that are wide enough but too long, which I can have shortened. I'd also consider having them made, if there's a cheaper way to do that than I found locally -- I tried several tailors and dry-cleaners.

Ideally, they'd be a pastel green or sage green color, or if they're some neutral, at least they'd have some visual interest, like damask or another subtle pattern or border. I'd also like them not to be stupid-expensive. Any machine-washable/dry-able fabric is worth considering, but ordinary cotton would be best. Anything out there? We're Massachusetts-based, for shipping or local options.
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Best answer: I'd get King ones and have them hemmed, which should cost only a few dollars per pillow case; there is not a more simple sewing job.
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Best answer: I think king pillowcases are the same width as standard, just longer.
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If you want to have them made, you could totally try one of the Etsy costumers. I was shocked by how affordable it was. I don't know what your local places are charging but it might be worth sending some messages.
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Best answer: You probably know someone with a sewing machine. The proper way to hem them is to cut off the existing hem and sew a new, deep hem. The easy way it to sew a new hem at the other end - 1 line of sewing per pillow.

Cotton jersey was a popular material for bedding for a while, would stretchy pillow cases do?

i have some pillow shams that are bigger than pillowcases and I end up using 2 pillows that have gone a bit flat, so that might be an option.
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Have you tried jersey fabric pillow cases? That fabric has some stretch. Otherwise I would find a crafter or sewer to commission some in bulk. Etsy is a good source. Maybe even Mefi jobs.
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Check out Etsy, and find someone who is making pillowcases or other custom sewing. See if they will do a few custom ones.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! Don Pepino's are just the right size, and he's right that even most king ones are still just standard width. But, still wanting a color, I found these 22" wide king ones in sage green, and will have them hemmed as DarlingBri and theora55 suggest. The other suggestions were helpful, too, so thanks again!
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