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What (movie? television show?) is being referenced when a character points at some interloper and emits a loud droning sound?

I don't know where this is from, and it's bothering me. A character will point accusingly at some deceiver or intruder and emit a droning moan from a wide-open mouth; the moan sounds almost like a klaxon horn or alert.

I have seen this referenced twice recently; once in the Futurama episode "Fear of a Bot Planet," when Leela and Fry are discovered to not be actual robots, and also in the most recent episode of The IT Crowd, when the unattractive bit character Judy, having been told Roy is dead, recognizes him on the street.

Given the nature of these programs, it seems like this scene comes from a science fiction movie or something equally nerdy. Hope me?
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Best answer: Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
posted by stavx at 10:23 PM on February 18, 2006

The ending where Bennell does the alien scream and point to Nancy is where these other showa are referencing.
I could be wrong though
posted by stavx at 10:25 PM on February 18, 2006

You're not wrong, stavx. It's definitely Body Snatchers.
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Response by poster: I guess it is referred to as the "body snatcher howl." Jesus, thank you. This has been bugging me for almost a week, and this is apparently one of those things where you have to already know what you're Googling for.
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And of course, no discussion is complete without the accompanying image...
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...which was already linked! Wow, I'm quick.
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Response by poster: It is a nice image though. SUTHERLAND, LOL
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That is a hilarious still, but in context (with a couple of hours of movie in front of it) it's actually pretty terrifying.
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Does anyone have the soundclip?
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kimota, in case you're still watching this thread, this may help.
posted by Remy at 6:30 PM on February 25, 2006

Remy, thanks!
posted by kimota at 7:32 PM on February 25, 2006

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