Searching for a specific phrase in media coverage
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I want to find as many instances as I can, in articles or media about police brutality cases in the U.S., of someone supporting the accused officer by saying the officer "wouldn't hurt a fly" (that phrase, not just that sentiment) or the officer himself/herself saying "I wouldn't hurt a fly." Anything documented – the person might have said this in writing or in video/audio. What search strategies can I use other than exact-phrase google searches?
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The Internet Archive has a searchable database of TV captions going back to 2009.
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If you have a library in your orbit that has access to searching magazine databases, sometimes you can find print magazines and newsletters that may be another good place for full-text searching. Judging from your profile information, I'd start here and narrow things down. Also the Archive tool is GREAT.
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My library offers access to NewsBank, which is a great way to search newspaper archives for exact phrases in quotes. I'd start by seeing what your library's online portal offers.
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You can also search for this sort of thing in LexisNexis, to which many libraries also provide access.
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Yeah, LexisNexis if you can get access via a college or similar. For TV and radio, you may need to look at services like Critical Mention.
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