ISO of an old website that was a link aggregator of sorts
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I'm trying to remember a website that I would check out from time to time, years ago. I don't know if it still exists, but if it does I can't find it, because I cannot for the life of me recall the name or the url. More details inside.

It was like a table of contents of sorts to great websites. I vaguely recall it might have been library-related, but I am not sure about that. But basically, it contained links and probably short descriptions to many many sites, including the onilne version of newspapers around the world, many magazines, sites to get facts about lots of topics (weather, whatever), etc.

It was in a column format. I seem to remember that in the middle column at the top of the page, there would be things like "Fact of the Day" or "Astronomy Photo of the Day."

I realize this is all kind of vague, but . . . does this ring a bell with anyone? (If not, I will try to remember more, or do a better job of describing what I clearly visualize in my head!)
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Possibly Science Daily or Arts & Letters Daily?
posted by brianogilvie at 8:45 AM on December 2, 2018 [3 favorites] (Way back capture circa 2005)

Or Librarains Internet Index?

(On mobile, pls forgive sloppy links)
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Could have been PopURLS or its successor Hvper.
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Was it refdesk?
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Something about the '___ of the day' mention reminded me of Have to find it in the Internet Archive now...
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Sounds a lot like refdesk or robotwisdom it might have also been GNU Site of the Day (which I think also had columns) or Scout Report or Ariadne's web? There was also Jenny's Cybrary (now The Shifted Librarian) and I'm not sure what else. I had a blog back then and may have linked to it, so if you want to poke around a little bit here's my 1999 blog pages.
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Yes, refdesk, that's it, thank you Gorgik and jessamyn!

And thanks to everyone for all the other great links -- I look forward to checking them out.

I knew MeFites would come through!
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rollclick, Popurls is dead so only go with
posted by marbant at 10:26 PM on December 2, 2018

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