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My family (4 adults in their 30s, 2 adults in their 70s and 3 kids - 3,4 and 6) are going on a Disney Cruise and have purchased the photo package, which means someone will take our picture many many times all week long. How can we make these photos more interesting?

At the end of the cruise we receive a folder of pictures of us by the pool, at pirate night, dressed fancy for dinner, standing by Mickey, etc. I can see how the folder will likely just contain a series of standing and smiling photos, which are very nice to have a few of, but ultimately not at all compelling to look at, and don’t make very interesting conversation pieces for the future when we try to remind the little kids how amazingly cool we are.
What would you do, in our situation, to make these photos more fun? Assume general willingness by all members of the party. We are already bringing one matching outfit, also pirate costumes and fancy clothes, so costumes can play a role but cannot be the only part of this. We would be willing to do some preparation or choreography or really anything that will make us want to look at these things after this vacation. Thank you!
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I know at Disneyworld the photographers can do things like photoshop tinkerbell standing on the kids hands. or fighting captain hook and a bunch of other things. I think they are called something like "Magic Shots" I'd see if they can do them on the cruise. I know you can get fancy borders on the cruise photos.
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Recreate poses from the royal family? Example
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I love photos of people jumping in the air.
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Riffing off slipthought's idea, recreating famous paintings could be really fun. The first thing that came into my head was grandparents doing American Gothic, but with a salad fork. Washington Crossing the Delaware has several figures, although you might have to get creative with the flag.
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You could do a series of three photos with a different generation as the focus for each one. For example, one where the grandparents are seated in the middle as king & queen, and everyone else is “bowing” or otherwise offering the king & queen service. One where the parents are the superheroes, standing in superhero poses, and everyone else is looking on in awe and/or being saved by the superhero. (Alternate: the parents as kissing and the grandparents/kids are either looking on in disgust or giggling.) And in the third photo, the kids are Kings/commanders, and are maybe being held up by the group, or somehow shown as the leaders of the pack?
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For the kids, have the photographer shoot a favorite stuffed animal in different locations around the ship--sitting by the pool, drinking fancy tropical drinks, sitting on shuffleboard, etc. etc. The kids can then put together a photo album of their animal on vacation.
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Kids doing adult things. Adults doing kid things.
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Silly hats.
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