Chinese or Korean TV shows for older kids!
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Have you seen some that are fantasy/magical/beautiful but not gross?

My son (12) is into watching Korean and Chinese Drama's with me- he liked Secret Garden and Goblin (though he looks away for a few of the gross parts of that), he also watched some of a few Chinese dramas with me and we both loved "once upon a time" that's on hulu, which had fighting but was super not gross about it. I love the beautiful and magic oriented ones and my son likes magic and adventure but he does NOT like blood and gross stuff and a lot of death, he gets really upset. We both liked BBC Merlin so about that level of adventure (they don't show a lot of the violence up close in that but it's in there). We both prefer more happy and funny to dark and mysterious shows generally. I really like religious/mythical elements as well.

I'm trying to look through the shows and watch the beginnings of them to find out if they're good for these criteria, but in the process I thought I would go ahead and ask anyone else if they already know! Thank you!
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I feel like I should add, while I wrote "drama" I would also like to know about more shows that AREN'T dramas- I am trying to improve my Chinese to speak with a little boy who only speaks Chinese at the school I work at, so it's a good cause. He has gone from crying all the time, to very happy when I am there! When I look of child friendly it's all preschool oriented, I'm sure I'm not doing a good job searching correctly for slightly older child friendly series.
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To me, Hwayugi was very similar to Goblin, but better. It's also about ghosts so that part could get a little scary I guess. Other dramas in this genre are Master's Sun and My Love from the Star, but it was a while since I watched them so I can't remember how gory they were. Probably not so much.

I will also put Strong Woman Do Bong Soon out there. It has violence but not really gore. It is VERY funny and would definitely grab the attention of any 12-year old.

There is also a sub genre of Korean dramas that are music focused (e.g., You're Beautiful, Dream High) that are really "PG" if your son is into that sort of thing.
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I also liked "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon." However, the violence was disturbing, in my opinion. A creepy masked man kidnaps women and keeps them in jail cells, calling them his "brides." It's like a cute, sweet comedy/drama was mixed in with a horrifying thriller.

"My Only Love Song" would be my top pick. It has a major time travel element, humor, romance, and is has some sword fighting, but isn't gory.

I'll second "You're Beautiful" for the major laughs and the hair styles -- but there's no supernatural element. Similarly, "Full House Take 2" and "K-Pop The Ultimate Audition" (or whatever the heck the translation is) are silly romantic comedies about the music scene.
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I just checked because I wasn't sure, the sword fights in "My Only Love Song" do involve death. There is a scene in which fighters are shown with some blood on their clothes and faces after killing their opponents. One man has blood well out of his mouth after an injury. I don't know how a sensitive kid would feel about that. So I'll revise the recommendation. It's well within what I as an adult consider normal tv and movie violence, but ymmv.
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