Awesome ideas for a renovation (kitchen, kids’ bedroom, etc.)
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We’re renovating our house and interested in any cool ideas like the built in upper cabinet ladder such as Hideaway Solutions Step 180 (give it a quick google to see what I mean). Doesn’t have to be related to the kitchen, we’re renovating the whole place.
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Something I’ve always dreamed of having at home after experiencing it in a lab where I worked: footpedal operated sink.

Our next door neighbors when I was growing up had a laundry chute with openings in the upstairs bathroom and kitchen.
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Best answer: It sounds outrageous but having two dishwashers means you practically never have to empty one to put the dishes away.
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Many suggestions here: What made your kitchen/bathroom awesome?
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Two ovens is pretty awesome- our house came with a top/bottom oven combo, and it's so cool when doing two things at different temperatures. We also have a two drawer dishwasher, and it's not as handy as you'd think.

The tiny-house movement might have more of those cool little things like the cupboard that becomes a step-ladder.
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Oven at correct height to move heavy things into it from the counter without bending/squatting.
Walk in shower in the bedroom so you just get up and walk right in there.
Washer/drier on same floor as the clean/dirty laundry is stored.
Proper well designed / built-in furniture for all the Door-Adjacent Stuff - coats, shoes, hats, school bags, sports gear, also paper waste that arrives in the post and needs to go right back out for recycling.
Kitchen cupboard at counter level, with plenty of electrical sockets in, for the storage of cluttery electrical appliances.
A place at the front door to set down shopping bags / parcels in the dry while getting the door open.
Ergonomic design in general, e.g: guests in my house can easily make a cup of tea in my kitchen, while standing in one place at the periphery of the kitchen, without coming further in and getting tangled in whatever I am doing.
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Best answer: At my last house we redid the kitchen and I used drawers and pullouts on every single base cabinet. I think I had like 18 drawers including 4 deep drawers in 3 ft cabinets for pots and pans and stuff. Plus two trash/recycling pullouts, a pullout pantry...I even Ikea-hacked the over the fridge cabinet into pullout drawers.
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Where do you live and what type of house do you have? I feel as though things like climate, history, and your house's architectural style can matter a lot here.

Personally, and maybe this is just the Northerner in me showing, I've always felt like one of the best things you can do for a house is to put a metal roof on it. They look awesome, but more importantly they will solve all your roof-related problems for the rest of your life. No more worrying about potential leaks, or budgeting for a replacement, or anything like that—they last for a good 50 years at least. They're also lighter, which is good for your house's structure, and you can pretty much rest assured that when it does finally come time to replace it, the metal will get recycled.

Honestly this question is so broad though that I don't know where to start! What are your needs? How do you want to use your house? What's not working for you right now—is it too dark inside, do you wish it felt more spacious, are the floors hard to keep clean, does your bathroom situation suck, are your utility bills too high, or what? What are you starting with and what do you want to end up with? Also, super importantly, how much money do you intend to dump into your house in this renovation?

I have spent years working in home renovation and now I work in solar and complementary clean-energy technologies. I have tons of ideas but renovating a home is such a personal, individual thing that it's hard to give advice without knowing more.
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I want a mud room area in my house: a place to dump coats and boots especially in the winter.

We recently put our microwave at eye level which is much better than at the waist.

We also added bookshelves to the kitchen for cookbooks.

We have added power outlets to our kitchen island and behind couches to plug in laptops etc.

Our house came with a real hood with fan vented to the outside which I love.
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Radiant heating in the floor, throughout the house, providing you live in a Nothern clime.
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You will have to pry my dish draining cabinet from my cold, dead hands.
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Pull-out pantries, pull-out spice racks, lift-up appliance stands; examples from Rev-a-Shelf offerings. Vertical shoe storage, storage under staircase (side-accessible, drawers at each stair for off-season items). Wall beds with desks, or tables, for an office/occasional guest room. Washer/dryer should be on a main-living level for convenience; laundry chute(s), if that's not possible.
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No shelves below waist level in the kitchen. Zero. Only drawers and pull-outs; maybe a carousel if necessary for the space. But no regular shelves that you need to kneel in front of and rummage in, ever.

Double oven.

I love having a separate little sink by my prep area, into which I can just sweep everything from the big work counter. I also put a filter on its tap so it serves as the drinking water sink (this way I don't waste filter capacity on washing dishes, which happens in the other, big sink.)

Heated floor in the bathrooms.

Agree laundry needs to be on the floor where the closets are. Seems like everyone I know who's ever fallen down the stairs was either carrying a laundry basket or a baby.
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I redid 2 bathrooms and did not put in heated floors and I regret this.

Kitchen - I enjoy having corner cupboards with carousel storage that uses the space reasonably well. Under cabinet lighting is helpful.
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Permanent pillowfort! Your kids would enjoy it but an adult one might work too. Or any other kind of secret hideaway.
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Best answer: Skirted toilets in all bathrooms. This style is easier to clean since the trapway is concealed and will not catch dust and other particles that congregate around the toilet. If you have a walk-in shower, don't have a clear glass shower door, which all are the rage now. They are terrible to keep clean, no matter what people say & how many hacks people offer. We have a similar door, but glass is frosted. So much easier. And not like showering on stage. Single hole faucets are easier to clean around in kitchen & bath. Shower head with the detachable handheld sprayer is also great for cleaning & bathing. Think about grab bars for safety, even if you are not 'aging in place' right now--they aren't all nursing home style. We installed this one & its matching corner shelf.

If I still had little kids around, I would have an Eye Vac for crumb disposal.

Lighting is important--think about the types & locations of any & all new light fixtures.

In the past year, we have re-done 4 bathrooms (2 in old house; 2 in new) and a kitchen in the old house. Take a look at the pics of houses for sale in your area. You will see that almost every remodeled kitchen has a very definite look--in our area it is granite countertops and the same or similar suite of stainless steel appliances as an upgrade/remodel to sell. Same with the bathrooms. If that style appeals to you, fine. In my new house I was able to do something more appealing to me, not a potential buyer. More interesting tile, vanities, mirrors, floors, etc.
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If you’re insanely rich, you could employ Eric Clough to turn your entire house into a treasure hunt.
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I'd put in a whole-house / central vacuum system.
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