Good Reference or Search Engine for Streaming/DVD Release Dates?
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I rarely go to movies in the theater, but when I see a film I think I'd like that's released in cinemas, I usually want to diary when I could rent, stream, etc. it. Unfortunately, those dates are usually not easily found. What's your best reference source, search engine or website for it?
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DVD/streaming dates are often not announced until well after movies hit theaters so I think your best option is to add movies to a queue and have a service alert you when they're available. There are a bunch of "where do I stream this?" sites that offer watchlist/queue/alert systems. I've used JustWatch and it works well (but have not compared to the others, and have not tried out the alerts).
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Rotten Tomatoes has a "coming soon to DVD/streaming" section. You get about a month lead time at best, but I have found it useful to jog the memory about stuff I missed in theaters. There's also a "New Releases" page for stuff that has come out in the previous month or so.
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Not quite, but:
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