Is there such a thing as a visual meditation app?
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Are there any apps that guide you through meditation and/or mindfulness activities using visuals?

As one way to manage my anxiety, I would like to try meditation. But I also have ADHD, and the cognitive testing that revealed the ADHD also indicates that the way my brain handles audio input is completely scrambled. So meditation apps like Headspace that guide you using vocal commands are really difficult for me.

Is there such a thing as an app that displays visuals - ideally, pretty pictures and/or graphics, maybe with few key words - as a way to guide meditation or mindfulness?

I'm worried that closing your eyes key to getting the benefits of this kind of practice, so I may be out of luck.
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I use a simple one called “Breathing App”. There are a couple different calming backgrounds to choose from (starry night sky, rolling hills, water) and then you can choose a visual as well (numbers, or a breathing ball that inflates and deflates). I found it in the App Store and it’s free! Good luck!
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Have you tried forms of meditation that require no guidance? The only audio processing needed for those is recognizing the sound of the timer that marks the end of your session.
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Yes there are lots:

pixel thoughts

Calm breath bubble on youtube

Triangle breathing
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And also closing your eyes is helpful for most people because it helps to enhance focus/shut out the world of distractions but if you can focus on the visual or even just learn how to meditate with eyes downturned (some traditions do that instead of eyes fully closed) you can get the same benefits. Just doing a minute of deeper breathing will help with anxiety.

Also fwiw if you find it hard to sit, you might do well with walking meditation or walking/exercising before you practice.
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Pause (App Store link) is an interesting one. It’s both visual and tactile.
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I own an HTC Vive VR headset, where you can find many meditation applications. With the VR headset, you are really there. You can turn off the spoken audio and music.
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