Do you like interior design? Cuz I sure don’t.
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We’re getting the interior of our house painted and I have no idea what color(s) to choose for our kitchen, so MeFites, please share your thoughts!

I just know I hate the current blue trim, and I want to leave the cabinets as they are. It’s a bright, big space. A pic of when the kitchen was actually clean (pre-kid! And honestly, pre-messy adults) is here, but if more/better pix are necessary, I’ll update the post.
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It's entirely up to your preference and style. there a color you just love? I can only share my opinion; unless for some reason you want the trim to be the focus-puller in the room (which it currently is, due to the fact that it's a color), you may want to consider painting all of the trim white or off-white, and put a color on your walls. That's what I would do. I am all about the neutrals, and would do a soft medium depth dove grey on the walls, it's absolutely glorious with those whitewashed pine cabinets. The reverse is also very in keeping with the style of your kitchen - I'd suggest medium to dark grey trim, with pale grey walls. Don't do any kind of tan or brown on the walls, or even yellow - there are already lots of brown tones between the cabinets, the floor, the beams, the table and chairs, and the tile countertops. Those rugs are great. Your kitchen is awesome, a really great kind of colonial/country vibe. Very inviting.
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Because your cabinets are light and there are so many windows, I think it would look pretty sharp to do a dark color on the walls with bright white trim. Brown, green, navy...

Sherwin Williams’ website has a tool where you can upload pictures of your room and test out various colors. I just painted my entire house this summer and found it super helpful.
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We painted our kitchen in bits and pieces as and when we got around to it, using whatever we had left over from other projects. The ceiling is white for best light distribution, and every wall is a different shade of green. I like it a lot. Boring, uniform, consistent interior paintwork: just say no.
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Is the kitchen open/connected to other rooms? If so, I'd match the trim color with whatever is already in use.

Otherwise, I'd paint the trim white or whatever matches the cabinets best. Then paint the walls whatever color makes you happy. (Personally, I'd go for green. I think a variety of shades from light sage through bright apple to Ask MetaFilter green could look nice against your floor tiles and wood beam.) The idea is to make the trim recede into the background, not be the focal point of the room, as it is now.
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I'd paint the trim the same color as the walls to make them blend in as much as possible. A darker, neutral-to-warm gray would set off the cabinets, floor tiles, and the exposed beam in a lovely way. I'd keep the ceiling white as it is now.

(In the cabinetes, rugs/chair, floor, beam you have a lot of warm colors, so I'd avoid beige/cream/brown/yellow/orange/etc on the walls because it would all be the same. A gray or violet/green/blue color would provide contrast that helps emphasize the color choices in the rest of the room.)
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My vote is for white trim and grey or green or greenish grey on the walls.
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You're right, the bright blue trim has got to go. Probably white or off-white would work best for the trim and make it "pop" without dominating the room, but the color will be primarily determined by the color you put on the walls. At the paint store, pick out any chip cards that have colors you love, then look at them in your kitchen taking into consideration cabinet, counter, floor, and other colors. Don't be afraid to choose a darker or well-saturated color, especially if your kitchen is well-lit (as most are). After years of using strong colors on the walls of my house, my best advice is to shy away from simple colors - you know, the ones that are clearly a single color. Those tend to get boring over time. Much better to select complex colors that seem to be a blend of several other colors. I have rooms that are "sorta bluish grayish greenish" and "sorta bluish with a lot of purple and gray mixed in". These are much more pleasant and easier to live with over time.
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Peach walls, white trim always looks good
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I agree that the wall and trim color should match. That's a lovely room and the focus and one of the best things about it are the generous windows and the view out of them. If you paint the trim around the windows a different color to the wall then you're pulling focus to the trim and away from the view. As for color choice, I'd look at what happens outside and try and pull that inside so that your eye moves quietly around the room rather than jumping from feature to feature. (I can't see the outside well enough to see the colors to make a suggestion.) Choosing color is fun once you have a plan otherwise you're just throwing paint chips around and hoping. Good luck!
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I agree with folks who’ve said green for the walls (and paint the trim the same color)—with so much natural wood and your terra-cotta floors, green just continues the forest feel of the room. I think a pale green or sage green would be best.
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Kitchens should be yellow (white trim).

All of housed humanity pretty much, after a stop in the bathroom, first thing they do when they wake up in the morning is stumble into their kitchen or kitchen-area. So a human is half-asleep, they go looking for coffee or something to eat, and they see the sunshine, and the walls that are the color of sunshine, and psychologically they know it's going to be OK to be awake now and start another day. A yellow kitchen is especially important for those who work nights. Those without walls as such to paint, use fabric dyed with dandelion or burdock to delineate the kitchen-space.

Yellow. Science.
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Ew, yeah, that trim color is awful for that room. I could maybe see it working if it were less saturated, but ehh. :P

I see that there's a lot of warm colors in there already, with the wood finish on the cabinets, island and ceiling joist, and the rust-colored floor tile. Since these already provide a lot of color, I'd pick something pretty subtle for the walls and ceiling, like off-white, light grey, or a heavily desaturated light color of your choice. For the trim, I'd accent the warm, earthy colors already there with some shade of red or brown; I think something that matches the color of your ceiling joist would tie things together nicely.

(Disclaimer, not an interior designer, though I know a bit of color theory and it's all highly subjective anyway. n.n)
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Soft olive green, paint the blue trim. The olive would even continue to work with the rugs you've got going, and it wouldn't clash with the wood. I read somewhere to pick the color you like, then pick one or two shades lighter.
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Thank you all so much for your thoughtful and extremely helpful answers. I really had no idea where to start, but now I’ve got some colors to think about. I’m leaning toward green or gray on the walls, but I’ll use that Sherman Williams site to preview the colors. Thank you!
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Are you using professional painters? When we had our interior walls painted, the painting company sent over a woman with a bunch of paint sample books. She looked at the colors of our furniture, bedding and draperies, asked us a bunch of questions about what colors we liked, and made recommendations, including main and accent colors. A few days later we got some large (10"x10") color "chips" in the mail and taped them up on the walls where each color would go. We liked all of her suggestions and have had no regrets. If your painters don't offer this service, you might find an independent interior designer who would come out to your house.
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