Identify title of a book of party games for adults
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I am trying to track down a book of party games aimed at adults that I looked about 25 years ago. I estimate that the book would have been published some time after 1958 and before 1990. I looked at the book in the early 90s.

My memory is of a slim volume with a cover which was hunter green, with a caricature cartoon of adult party goers on the front, and perhaps white lettering. The caricatures depicted drunkenness (red face?) and/or provocation - a bit like the style of British seaside postcards.

The book contained instructions for party games for adults. The games were not explicit although some of them had adult themes involving physical contact or the consumption of alcohol.

I think the book would have had a British author and publisher - I seem to remember it being a Pengin book but I am not certain of that.

I recall a few games for which instructions were provided in the book. These include one involving mimicry called "if you can't do this you can't do anything at all", hide-and-seek type games such as sardines and kick the bucket, and several pranks involving blindfolding one or more party goers and instructing them to carry out various humiliating tasks to the amusement of onlookers.
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Your description of the book cover immediately made me think of A Book of Surrealist Games. It's a very slim book, small dimensions, with the hunter green edge and the drawing of party goers on the front, with white lettering. And upon Googling, it does look a bit like British seaside postcards.

The games you're describing sound familiar from what I recall of the book. I have a copy in the house somewhere and will try to find it.
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The Encyclopedia of Games by Doris Anderson was published by Pyramid Books in the early 1960s but seems more family friendly than what you describe. Games are organized in chapters such as Written Games; Mental Marvels; Outdoor Games; Musical Games. My very old paperback, the 6th printing, has an orange cover.
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