Yellow (or "gold") and black, wool, striped scarf ?
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I want to buy, online, a striped scarf like this but made of wool (or at least mainly of wool) . I think in a lot places it might be called a "soccer fan scarf". I also want to know that it was made by people who were treated decently. More inside ...

I have failed at using Google to find this and I have discovered that Amazon search as applied to clothing, at least as I have used it, is not really a search so much as "here's a lot of items all of which are clothing".

I've seen some businesses who are setup to provide multiple scarves of custom design but I only want one.

Unfortunately I can't knit or crochet so making it myself in the time available is not practical.
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Check for wool scarves. Many of the artisans will do custom orders.
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A fair number of vendors (Etsy and otherwise) specialise in exactly this sort of thing as it's visually identical to a Harry Potter / Hufflepuff House scarf. Finding one in wool can be a little tricky but here's at least one listing that should work for you. It's knit-to-order, so most likely it's as ethically produced as one can hope, and the listing indicates "by Christmas" availability, if that's soon enough.

"Hufflepuff House Hogwarts Scarf" or "Harry Potter Hufflepuff Scarf" would be good bets for search terms if this vendor doesn't suit you. (Some people try to evade copyright infringement by calling these "Badger Scarves" or "Loyal Scarves.") You want the "book version" scarf (alternating stripes) and not the "movie version" scarf (thin bars on solid background).
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I swear there was a company that made fancy football things for gentlemen that had these. I thought it was Toffs, but they don't really right now. Anyhow, Appleberry has a wool scarf in black and gold, but the stripes are not the right alignment. Retro Classico has this Wolverhampton scarf that looks more orange than gold. This Burton Albion one from them is black and yellow.
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