Where should I eat in Philadelphia?
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Back in Philadelphia for Year 2 of PAX Unplugged. What restaurants would you recommend we try out in town?

Places we tried and loved last year:

Jim's Steaks
Federal Donuts
Barclay Prime

Looking for places with awesome food. Relatively close to the Convention Center would be nice, but not necessary. Price range is pretty wide open, and the only style we wouldn't be down for is sushi. Thanks!
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Pizzeria Vetri (multiple locations)
Zahav (off Dock St in Old City)
Barbuzzo (13th St)
Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House (across the street from the convention center)
DiNic's (in Reading Terminal Market)
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Suraya (Lebanese food) is all the rage right now and absolutely worth going to Fishtown for. Your life will never be the same after seeing their pita. You can take the El from 13th and Market or 11th and Market, or Uber. In the extremely likely event that they're fully booked, go for brunch/lunch instead.

Around Center City, however, there are obviously a ton of great spots:
The Love - a relatively new restaurant, cozy and with an amazing menu.
Attico, if you're into rooftop bars.
Barbuzzo (and also pretty much every restaurant on that block) is still new enough to be interesting but old enough to not be as crowded. It's one of the places I've taken out-of-town guests.
Dizengoff - same owners at Federal Donuts, but a sit-down restaurant focusing on Middle Eastern cuisine.

For something more low key:
2nd Story Brewing has a decent beer list.
Destination Dogs should be higher on the list, but it's not a Philly original. However it's ***ing amazing.
Goldie - try the tahina shake.
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Vedge – I'm about as far from a vegetarian as one can get, but this place was outstanding. The Wood Roasted Carrot basically tasted like a Reuben sandwich.

Seconding Dinic's and 2nd Story.
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Saturdays through Mondays, starting from early until they run out, you can get some truly amazing barbacoa tacos and consomme at South Philly Barbacoa. Worth the short cab ride from city center.

thirding barbuzzo and dinic's for options closer to the convention center - i do with DiNic's offered an "all the way" option for folks like myself who want my roast pork sandwich with cheese, rabe, and roasted long hots on their sandwiches (I order mine that way now but having three options and then the "any two toppings" choice always gave me something to ponder while waiting in line).
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Little Fish is amazing and delicious. Literally everything on the menu is fantastic. Don’t order dessert though, that stinks there. Instead, walk two blocks down to Bistrot la Minette and get a cocktail and dessert.

Previously mentioned Zahav, Dizengoff, and Goldie’s are fantastic as well. If you don’t have time to go to dizengoff and Goldie’s directly or want to check out both at the same time / the Whole Foods on Pennsylvania Ave has kiosks for both of them. Federal Doughnuts has a stand there too.
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Royal Tavern - best bar food in the world, stellar burger, great atmosphere.
Khyber Pass Pub - like 40 taps, great po'boys (with real Leidenheimer rolls) and bbq, and bacon fat popcorn.
The Good King Tavern - the best, least fancy French food I've had in the states. Lovely people, lovely cocktails.
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I had some good dim sum in Chinatown at Imperial Inn (142 N 10th St). I don't know how close that is--I've only been in town once. But I will travel a considerable distance for good dim sum.
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Barbuzzo and DiNic’s were both excellent! Plan changes kept us from trying any others, but we have a great list to work from next year. Thanks MeFi!
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