Bookfilter: A professor, a computer and the devil?
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In high school I remember a friend reading aloud the intro to a book about a professor who built a computer that started channeling the devil and chatting with him.

Any one of those elements could be wrong. But I recall the professor being a mildly eccentric professor who started dreaming about wiring diagrams and when he finished building the devil (possibly named as Satan, possibly not) was in the machine and started explaining how he saw things.

The tone was subversive and philosophical. Wry humor and not horror (at least at the parts I heard). The book was probably '60s or '70s.
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Was it Satan: his Psychotherapy and Cure?
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The details don't match up too well, but just in case (because memory is a funny thing): was it The Vertical Plane by Ken Webster, an account of his experiences in the 1980s with a computer that apparently allowed the spirit of a 16th-century man to communicate with him?
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Could it have been from The Cyberiad? The details aren't quite right, but the tone and era are. It includes a story of a professor who builds a computer looking for happiness and (surprise!) doesn't find it.
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This makes me think of a short story by John Wyndham. Possibly in Consider Her Ways and others.
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It was indeed Satan: His Psychoanalysis and Cure. Thanks!
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