Unconventional places to meet gay men (outside of apps/bars)?
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I'm setting a new challenge for myself to try to meet someone without the usage of apps like Grindr / Tinder and websites like OkCupid.

I'd also rather not frequent gay bars either. I realize this eliminates allot.

Any ideas?
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Local theater groups.

Churches in liberal/urban areas, especially the choral groups produced by said churches. And secular choral groups.
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Gay community focused volunteer groups.
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LGBTQ events or political (not necessarily queer) activism
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A friend of mine joined a gay amateur volleyball team.
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Your collegiate alumni organisation?
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are you in or near a city with a lgbtqi center? they host events or can point you to orgs catering to a range of interests.
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Frontrunners LGBT running club. Some of them will do Couch to 5K sessions if you're not already a runner and/or have walking groups.
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A large midwestern city near me has two all-gay rugby teams, and my small midwestern city has a gay men's chorus, a drag queen troupe that hosts all kind of charitable events, an LGBT community center, a gay reading group, a pride parade, an LGBT film festival, and a volunteer organization focused on providing care for gay elders. I'm sure there is a similar variety of groups or events near wherever you live, even if it takes some looking!
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YES to your local community theatre community!
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If you happen to live in an area with a gay club, square dancing.
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Do you have any LGBTQ+ film festivals near you? I imagine the bar would be filled with interesting people.
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At least where I am, people keep creating Meetup groups (i.e. on the actual Meetup website, not just groups that meet up) even though it feels a bit several-years ago. I get notifications for them and because I was in a queer group (queer knitters, maybe not your speed!) I get notices for those, and people are definitely, yeah, still making LGBT meetup groups with various focuses.
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I have met so many lovely LGBTQ+ people at my local astrology meetings, and I have gone to many such events all over the West Coast, and some in the Midwest. Just, good people.
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Seconding Meetup and also having a dig through Facebook. A good deal of queer community stuff seems to be on Facebook. (There is almost certainly a group called something like [City Name] Queer Exchange where you live. The content definitely varies regionally though--some have community events, some are all housing, some are all buy/sell, etc.)
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Festivals! Also choirs!
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I know you mentioned "not apps", but I've met quite a few local gays (not necessarily looking for dating/hookups) through Instagram.
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There are a lot of LGBT softball leagues around; I joined one when I moved to SF and had a good time and met a lot of new people.
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