How to locate details of someone arrested in Paris?
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How do I get information about someone arrested in Paris near the Eiffel Tower? What police station would they be taken to? Is there a way to search for records online? A number to call? Somewhere to go in person? Any other tips?
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Are you in Paris? This says what the rights are:

I can't quickly find information of where they might be, but you could try the closest police station. The person may have contacted their consular services already.
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In case this comes up for somebody else (I don't know if this applies to your situation) a panicked note or phone call about being arrested abroad is often an instance of the grandparent scam. If this is happening to you, it sounds like you're doing the right thing by trying to seek confirmation.
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This is a list of English speaking lawyers in France, provided by the British government. If you're willing to throw a bit of money at this problem, it can probably be solved quite quickly tomorrow morning.
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Thanks for the information. She is no longer in custody.
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