Simple bill reminder app.
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Hi everyone; I am looking for an app (android) that will send an alarm to me to remind me of my credit card due dates (repeated). I know there are plenty out there- I have seen them, but does anyone know of an app that will allow me to mark "PAID" on the bill when I paid it? Don't want one that has to connect to the bank. Thanks all :-)
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I haven't tried this, but I'm wondering if you could set up repeating calendar reminders or appointments and when the bill is paid change the name of that specific entry in that month to "Visa - PAID." I know that would work with Outlook, but I'm not sure about Google calendar or whatever your current calendar app is.
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If you use Google Calendar like I do, this is simple. I created an all-day event, "Credit card pmt due," to repeat on the 5th of every month with an e-mail reminder (it could also be a phone notification, or both) sent 3 days prior. After the credit card company has logged my payment, I delete the event, but you could also just add "PAID" to the description.
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I like to use Bill Tracker, although I'm not sure if they have an Android app (I use iOS). It's a simple interface, which I assume is what you want: just put in the bills and what dates they're due; it notifies you when you tell it to. I'm not sure exactly what you mean when you say you want to mark your bills"PAID," but this app moves the items to a different list once you pay them so you can tell just by looking whether they've been paid or not.
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I just put a repeating reminder into Google Keep and I don't swipe it away/mark as done until I actually pay the bill. Doing this simple thing cut my credit card fees way down.
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Have recommended it before, but Toshl.

It's a budget/ spending tracker, but it does exactly what you ask. You can set multiple reminders for your upcoming expenses, and mark PAID when it is Paid.

It can connect to your bank if you want to, but you don't have to. I do not connect mine to a bank.
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i do what davcoo does.
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I use ToDoist for this. I have all my bills and pay days set up as recurring tasks, and then I can mark them as done either when I pay the manual ones or the auto ones show up in Mint. When you mark one as done, the next one automatically shows up with the next time it’s due. It’s great because I can see what’s coming up before my next payday. You can get email alerts but you have to pay for premium.
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I also do what davcoo does, though I use Fantastical (calendar/todo app for Mac/iOS which gives a lot more options than the stock Calendar, especially for notification timings if you, like me, sometimes need a couple hammers over the head to do something).

Though I am going to be taking a look at Toshl and have also found a few others in the App Store to give a try.
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Thanks, everyone. I decided on one app:

Seems to do the trick..somewhat,lol.
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