Is it still good?
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I was cleaning the house and found cannabis I somehow forgot about. Besides the fact that I have learned my lesson to not forget about these things - Is it still good? Details below.

I am almost certain I bought it in October of 2014. It's about an ounce of Grandaddy Purple and it's been stored in an airtight travel Thermos out of light and humidity since then.

Do you think it's still good to make brownies or a tincture? I could smoke it but I prefer not to.

Yup, I realize the error in my ways of totally forgetting I had it!! I think I tossed it in a box that ended up getting stored in my home office on a shelf in a closet post-move.
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Can you eat it?

Probably. May or may not be akin to eating crab grass in terms of the magical wow, but it won't hurt you.
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If it's not moldy, I'm sure it's fine. Might not pack the same punch it did in 2014, but it won't hurt you.
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It's totally fine for making a tincture or brownies.

Stored in an airtight, light proof container, all that's probably happened is potentially a bit of cannabinoid degradation, where some of the THC might have converted to Cannabinol (CBN), which is considered to be anxiolytic.

Safety wise, as long as there's no mold on it (shouldn't be if it was cured properly), it's fine. I've extracted and consumed 2 year old weed before, it was just extra mellow.
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My dad found some that he'd misplaced approximately 20 years prior. It apparently still had some value.
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As it happens, basically the exact same thing happened to me (~4 years old, sealed in a thermos). It was totally fine.
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