Meditative solo piano recordings?
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I've been listening to Emahoy Maryam Guebrou's CDs while I work lately, and am looking for more solo piano recordings in this vein.

She specifically references Beethoven, and I think I hear some nods to Debussy. I'm not concerned with the nominal genre so much as it having a similar feel (which I realize is subjective). Thanks in advance, HiveMind.
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Guebrou is sorta sui generis but here are some things you might like:

Duke Ellington's Single Petal of a Rose
David Shire's score for The Conversation
Chilly Gonzales
Here's some Beethoven in that vein(?). And here's some Beethoven, jazzed up by Hiromi.
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Not piano, but Alice Coltrane's work has that chromatic, meandering feel.
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It's not really similar to Guebrou (which is quite lovely, thanks for sharing her work), but some meditative piano music I've enjoyed are Solo Piano by Philip Glass and the piano works of Erik Satie, particularly the Gymnopédies and Gnossiennes.
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For this kind of thing I really love Christopher O'Riley playing Radiohead. True Love Waits.
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Check out Persian pianist Javad Maroufi.
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My meditative-music-while-working station started from Yann Tiersen, who has a lot of either solo piano or very-minimally-accompanied piano. It's a little sleepier than Guebrou but is close enough to the thing my brain needs that I just added her, so it might go the other way too.
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Look into the wonderful Ludovico Einaudi.
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The Nocturnes of John Field are pretty great, too.
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Seconding Glass's Solo Piano, which is what I came here to recommend!
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OK, we are going a bit further afield, but how about Federico Mompou? His work "Musica Callada/Silent Music" is my favorite - originally I listened to the EMI Hubert Henck recording, but it is not on Spotify, so there I listen to the one by Jenny Lin.
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Keith Jarrett, maybe.
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Your example reminded me of James Booker. I linked his Minute Waltz because Chopin, but I really love this entire album.
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If you've got 5 hours, La Monte Young's entire Well-Tuned Piano is on YouTube. I call it meditative, others may say annoying. YMMV.
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I love Myra Melford’s life carries me this way, which is music inspired by paintings
Adam Benjamin’s alphabets & consequences
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