Reverb for the gym - highly specific playlist suggestions sought
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So when I first started going to the gym, I sought out music that made me feel alienated and mechanical. But now I only want music that is melancholy with certain characteristics. And yet it also has to be, you know, work-out music. Examples inside.

Lately the only things I want to listen to at the gym are various Clientele songs, particularly Falling Asleep (mostly a Siegfried Sassoon poem!) and various Belle and Sebastian songs, particularly My Wandering Days Are Over.

Another example is Where Does The Sadness Come From by the Granite Shore - notice the churning and the fact that all my music recommendations come from The Quietus.

With The Clientele, I like the reverb-y chiming fullness of the tracks. They fill my ears and feel restful even when I'm around other people.

The Belle and Sebastian songs are sort of uptempo without being enthusiastic.

The songs I like have a steady sort of rocking-back-and-forth feel to them which makes them ideal for the rowing machine, for instance, and while they're not as fast as dance music they're not slow. Ideally, I'd like songs that are very steady in tempo or else speed up - no long slow bits in the middle, no matter how lovely.

I recognize that not all work-out music can be Siegfried Sassoon poems, but I also like that there's some complexity to the lyrics.

I expect that someone with a better knowledge of post-punk and nineties indie would probably know a lot of suitable music.

Before I was looking for songs to make me feel cold and distant. Now what I think I want is songs that you could use in some kind of melancholy montage of people hurrying in the rain at night in a city.
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The Bevis Frond: Will to Lose
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Also from Bevis Frond and maintaining a steady pace for nine minutes: Long Journey Into Light. Timbre might be a bit too harsh for you but I've always liked the lyrics.
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One last one. God Speed You to Earth
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Pretty much anything by Woodpidgeon
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Pounding by Doves was my first thought.
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Teenage Winter by Saint Etienne
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"...melancholy montage of people hurrying in the rain at night in a city" is amazing. Here are a few that come to mind when I think of that description:

Line of Fire by Junip

Meet Me in the Woods by Lord Huron

Head Home by Midlake

Sleeping Sickness by City and Colour

Everything is Moving So Fast by Great Lake Swimmers
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90s indie that might suit:
Bittersweet Symphony The Verve (with one of the all-time great videos)
Pure Morning Placebo
Stars - Dubstar
Street Spirit - Radiohead
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Jesu's 'Silver' EP may be a smidge on the heavier side of melancholic shoegazey, but with a tempo that can fit a variety of workouts. I've tested it myself!
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also, slightly off-piste: Underworld, e.g. Oich Oich
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Robyn is perfect for this: Dancing On My Own, Call Your Girlfriend, With Every Heartbeat, Indestructible
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Yes but Robyn is perfect for literally everything, her new album is AMAZING
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Frazey Ford - Done
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