Chicago theater with cheering, applauding fans for next Avengers film?
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I've lived in Chicago for 28 years, and I've never gone to see a genre movie that had an audience who had these kinds of reactions. Which are the right Chicago movie theaters for opening-night YELLING AND CLAPPING for genre films (especially Marvel)?

For like 99% of movies that I pay to see in the theater, I want an audience who is responsive but not disrespectful--laugh when it's funny, gasp at the unexpected, clap at the end or at something particularly amazing. But for Marvel movies, I want the audience's over-the-top excitement spilling out at every possible moment.

I really want the opening-night experience to be the kind where everyone in the audience is unabashedly hyped for pretty much anything. I felt the lack of this camaraderie pretty keenly during opening night at Avengers: Infinity War; the audience was clearly enjoying the film, and would laugh and occasionally someone would give a "WOOO!", but there was a lack of screams of delight or shouts of despair, or applauding awesome visuals or having any oversize reactions at all, and that's what I want out of an audience at the very first screening of a Marvel film.

So when I go to see the second part of Infinity War (whatever they're going to call it), I want to be part of a crowd that applauds first appearances of Our Heroes, laughs uproariously at funny lines, shouts "YEAH!" at awesome action, etc. Where do I find this audience in Chicago? Which theater?

I'll take myself back for a second viewing to catch all the dialogue. That's really not my concern at my first viewing of big Marvel films.
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my experience is that this only happens at the midnight showings of some movies. are you going on opening day or to the midnight showings?
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Can't help with Chicago recommendations, but I love this feeling too and what tends to work is buying the first batch of showings that are put up for sale months in advance. Yes, more will be posted later and they'll all sell out, but you want to be with the die-hard fans. And from that batch I'd also say get the first showing of the week/night. On the West Coast that's usually Thursday at 7 pm.
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Whenever I've gone to Harper Theatre in Hyde Park, there's been a good mix of students and locals, so you probably have a good shot there.
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I saw both of the new Star Wars movies on opening night at my local, the Regal City North on Western, and it was like this: ovations for the Lucasfilm logo, R2 showing up, etc
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The 400 (now the New 400) on Sheridan in Rogers Park was like this in the past; not sure if it's still is, though - it's been some time since I've been. Friends have described the Harper Theatre in Hyde Park (thanks to J.K. Seazer above for reminding me of the name!) as having a lively audience, so maybe that's your best bet.
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Seconding theodolite. I have had this experience at Regal City North 14 and at Showplace ICON for Star Wars movies.
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Sounds like Regal City North 14 is the place to be - thanks, everyone!
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