I need a new Alarm Clock app for my Android Phone
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I've been using AdyClock for years across multiple Android devices, but lately, it's gone completely unreliable on me. I suppose that the stock clock app from LG could fill that gap, but I'll miss some of AdyClock's features.

Specifically, AdyClock was designed to resemble an old-school 8-segment LED digital clock for it's main display. You could select the color. The background was pure black, to save power on AMOLED phones. It had a screensaver mode where the time display was made small and moved about the screen to prevent AMOLED burn-in.

It could play any audio from your alarms, notifications, ringtones, and music folders as the alarm tone. You had the option of ramping up the volume from quiet to loud as the alarm continued to play. It also offered a wide selection of vibration patterns that could accompany the alarm tone, some more aggressive than others.

Of those AdyClock features, I would absolutely want to have all the display features, and the ability to select any audio file in whatever I get to replace it. The volume ramping and vibrations are nice to have, but I could live with out them. One feature that AdyClock doesn't offer but would be useful to me is being able to set up alarms on a bi-weekly schedule.

I figure that Alarm Clock apps have to fall just behind Flashlight apps when it comes to your chances of finding sketchy malware on the Play store, so any suggestions of good clean apps are welcome.
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As far as I can tell, Night Clock ticks every box, with the exception of the bi-weekly alarm, which I don't immediately find a way to do (but I haven't looked really hard).

Although all features you're concerned about are freebies in this product, I'm even considering sending a few bucks to "fully" register and unlock a few other features, which I rarely do, being a certified cheapskate.
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I use and love Gentle Alarm. A particularly nice feature is its ability to have a pre-alarm, which I set to play birdsong half an hour before the actual alarm time. It's lovely! It checks most of your boxes I think, though perhaps not exactly the display you like.
I haven't seen malware in it, have been happy with it since Google's first Nexus 1 phone.
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