Need a kickass gift for an anesthesiologist
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Looking for gift ideas for an anesthesiologist resident.

I want to really wow this person. She's in her last year of anesthesiology residency, specializing in hyperbaric medicine. What would be a cool gift for someone with those interests? I'm stumped.
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Does your gift really need to be job-related? As a senior resident, she is probably slightly tired of her day job. Why not buy her a gift reflective of her other interests as a (presumably) late 20s or early 30s woman? In a few short months, she is going to have so much more opportunity to indulge those.

But if it must be job-related, I suppose you can't go wrong with a gift certificate for some Danskos...
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The few anesthesiologists I've known socially have had a cheeky sense of humor and ease in making drug-related jokes. If your friend is like that, maybe get them some stylish & cheeky upscale drug-themed housewares from Jonathan Adler. See, for instance, the "druggist" or "vice" pottery collections, the acrylic pill sculptures, the "full dose" plates, etc.
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May I suggest something from Stoner Drug, Hamburg, Iowa? Or Butt Drugs, Corydon, Indiana?
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My friend who is going into anesthesiology residency loves and owns a bunch of that Jonathan Adler stuff. If you think it would fit this person, go for it.
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This video was making the rounds in medical circles a few years ago -- your senior resident would have been a first-year medical student, or maybe in the interview process -- and captures the oft-beleaguered nature of being an anesthesia resident and the relationship with her surgical colleagues. Assuming she's seen it (and you could test that by showing it to her and gauging her reaction), you could get a custom travel mug for the OR that references it.

The best/most memorable line is "There is a fracture, I need to fix it" but "There will be minimal blood loss" is also good. You could also go with "Asystole," but that might be a bit gallows humor and not great for any patients who happen to see it without context.
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Dr. Advicepig just finished her residency in another specialty, but not a single resident we know wouldn’t be blown away by something that is all about care and comfort. In this house, that’s massage gift certificates. In others, gift cards to the splurge type of restaurant. Residency is super hard and super intense and stepping away for a bit is vital.
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