Good UK lawyer conversant with harassment and and cyber stalking?
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I want to pursue a criminal case against a years long harasser. A cursory conversation with a police phone operator led to them saying it was a civil issue. I'm all for pursuing this civilly but I want to explore the possibility of pursuing it criminally as well. I am willing to travel anywhere in the UK. Money is not an object. Time is of the essence, as the more this individual posts the more likely it is to severely damage my reputation.
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Edmonds Marshall McMahon is a London based firm who specialise in bringing private criminal prosecutions.
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You can contact a specialist in harassment private prosecutions (Edmonds Marshall McMahon specialises in Fraud private prosecutions) which you can find online. You can instruct a barrister directly for this, so you do not need to go through a solicitor. There are barristers who specialise in this and you will usually be able to get an initial phone consultation for free.
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I don't think Edmonds Marshall McMahon just do fraud - I know about them from reading the Alexander Economou case where they acted for him to prosecute for intent to pervert the course of justice.
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The folks at Paladin advocated for the current anti-stalking laws and are an advocacy group with caseworkers. They might be able to guide you and connect you to an experienced lawyer.
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