Can I put these tires on my truck?
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2008 Ford Ranger tire size 225/70R15. I can get some 225/60R16 snow tires. Can they be safely mounted and driven? The savings would be significant. thanks.
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They're an inch bigger in diameter, so no, not unless you also got 16" wheels.
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As mrg points out, the 225/60R16 tires actually will not fit onto your 15" wheels as their inner opening is 16" in diameter.

Using the very handy tire size calculator I came up with these results:

If you bought some 16" wheels and mounted the 225/60R16 tires, their resulting overall diameter, 26.6", is about 2.9% smaller than the 27.4" diameter 225/70R15 tires you have now. Not a huge difference but will result in some speedometer error.

Here's the thing about snow tires: they usually work better when using a smaller and narrower wheel size than the summer tire size one usually runs the rest of the year. The taller sidewall/profile and narrower tread face produce better traction.
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Thanks. Tire sizes are a mystery.
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Here's how to decode tire sizes.

The first number is three digits, almost always ending in "5". This is the width of the tread in millimeters.

The second number is the aspect ratio - the ratio of the sidewall to the tread. The higher the number, the "taller" the tire looks compared to the rim (you'll rarely see greater than 75, except in donut spares). A smaller number indicates a low-profile tire, such as on performance vehicles that show very little sidewall.

The last number is the diameter of the rim, in inches (yeah, I know, millimeters, unitless, and inches all smooshed together in one designation). So as noted above, your rims are 15" based on your current tires. The snow tires are made for 16" rims, so they will not fit on your rims.

If you can get some cheap rims upon which to mount the snow tires, rims that match the bolt pattern on the truck, you could switch tire-rim packages seasonally. Frankly, this would be much better than mounting and unmounting tires on one set of rims, seasonally.
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