Best way to spend 5 hours in Shanghai airport?
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I will have a 5-hour layover in Shanghai Pudong airport just before Christmas. The layover is between two very long flights. Are there any nice cafés/restaurants/areas to hang out in? Perhaps even shower facilities?

From what I have read online, I don't think any of the lounges have showers, though the info I have found seems to be a bit out of date).

This will also possibly the first time I ever come close to stepping foot in China, so maybe something Chinese would be nice (although I get that airports are the same everywhere).

I don't want to take the risk of leaving the airport, from what I have read, 5 hours is not really enough time to get into Shanghai and back.

Thanks :)
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there are showers in the business class lounges. Not sure if Priority Pass will get you into one or if you can buy access.

Otherwise its really a pretty standard large new-ish build global airport. But there will be Chinese food options.
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Best answer: you can buy access to the fancy lounge which has showers. i thought there was a cheaper nap room/shower facility option but i guess i was thinking of the hong kong airport instead.
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Best answer: We did this a few years ago - there are a fair number of restaurants including Chinese, Western, and Korean if I recall correctly. The terminal we were in was large but fairly quiet; we spent most of the time napping on chairs outside of an empty gate. The restaurants were more expensive than I expected (I think it cost us $30-40 USD for a meal for two), so know your conversion rates before you order if that’s a concern. There were also ramen vending machines.

The only other gotcha is that you’ll need to set up a VPN connection before you get there if you want to use Gmail, Facebook, or many other Western internet sites to entertain yourself while you wait.
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Consider a round-trip ride on the Shanghai maglev train. At 431 km/h, thetrip from the airport to town takes just over 7 minutes. It is quite an experience to travel at that speed at ground level.
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According to this blog, the priority pass enabled lounge has showers.
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The maglev train looks seriously cool, but it only leaves you on the outskirts (at a metro station). There may or may not be cool stuff to see/do/eat there, but it's not entirely clear how long it'd take you to venture through the metro.
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For anyone with an interest in transportation technology (and an extremely short stopover in Shanghai), the maglev is a destination in itself.

Take a roundtrip on the world's fastest train for only $12.80 and be back at the airport in under half an hour.
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