Jewelry makers & security folks: Can I make a Yubikey Nano necklace?
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I want a Yubikey Nano, but I don't want it to live on my keychain or in my device. I need your help in making a third option: a necklace or bracelet!

I use several different computers over the course of a workday, and I'd like to increase security on my accounts. Ideally, I'd like a Yubikey 5 Nano that I wear on a necklace or bracelet for two-factor authentication.

I am considering purchasing the following:
* VALYRIA Sterling Silver Split Jump Ring Connector Charm Jewelry Findings,20pcs 5.0mmx0.5mm - OR TI-EDC Split Rings Titanium Small Key Rings Pack of 10 -
* Stainless Steel Military Ball Bead Chain 2mm 3mm 4mm 6mm Dog Tag Link Pallini Necklace (smallest ball size) -

Does anyone know if this will work? I would love advice from anyone with experience making jewelry or sticking their Nano on a split ring.

Thanks in advance!
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Titanium seems like overkill. You should be able to get silver split rings at a local jewelry shop for a lot cheaper. or ebay. Or send me your address, I'll put a couple in the mail, you could donate to MeFi, or not.
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I don't know anything about the jewelry side, but I wouldn't be surprised if using a metal ring would interfere with the touch sensor (either registering constant touches, or blocking detection of legitimate touches), and using any ring as a permanent fixture on it may prevent your finger getting close enough to the sensor to register any touch.
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One of the pictures of the product show it on a cord with a lobster claw hook. You could use a lark's head knot to attach it to a much longer cord to create a necklace, using a thin leather cord.
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Thank you all for the great feedback! Good point about the touch sensor, and the lark's head knot might work on the larger version.

I ended up ordering the larger version, so I think that's the route I am taking!
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