Need help finding a band/their music/how to listen to it
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The band was named House of Leaves, an electronic band from the Pacific Northwest. They had a Myspace about 10 years ago that we contacted them through to ask if we could buy their music anywhere and the response was "nope". Most of the songs had no lyrics, the music was very keyboard-heavy.

Obviously it'd be idea to get our hands on the music somehow but even just finding the Myspace page again would be great. Can't remember any song names. Their description might have said something along the lines of 'looking for likeminded people to work with in the pacific northwest' but that might be entirely inaccurate.
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This looks promising. From the About: "House of Leaves is a project based on finding like-minded individuals to work on music."
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Here's a myspace from The House of Leaves, is that them? I can't listen to any of the songs.
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Here's their YouTube page with 8 songs.
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