Are these scratched carbon fiber bicycle handlebars dangerous to use?
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I temporarily dry fitted these carbon fiber handlebars into this stem, without tightening or assembly paste. The sharp corners of the face plate and stem dug into the clamp area as I was moving the bars around while building the rest of the bike. Can I still use these bars safely?

The one scratch of primary concern is the one close to the camera. It is not materially different, other than it is a bit deeper. I don't see evidence of a damaged fiber layer, but I have no experience working with carbon components. I figure since it's the clamp area there is reinforcement underneath, but what do I know. Replacement would be costly and take up time, but I'm not looking to just be told everything is hunky-dory. I plan to use assembly paste, and have run a flapper wheel over the stem's corners to prevent the problem occurring during the actual mounting. So, trash or not trash? Thanks!
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Not trash. As long as the fibers are not broken it is cosmetic.

You can fill the scratches with epoxy filler and then paint and you'll never know that it happened.

Be sure to tighten the screws with a torque wrench.
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