How can I see my IP cameras without an app?
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I bought a no name wireless IP camera system. The monitor connected to the wireless receiver works great. But the app the company suggests I use to see them on my phone is terrible.

Isn't there a way for me to go into my router, and using the camera IP addresses, be able to see them on any device including my mobile phone? I remember doing this about 10 years ago before apps got big, and it worked fine. I've since forgotten how but it can't be that complicated.
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Have you tried just putting the IP of the camera into a web browser from a computer on your network? Some cameras will serve a webpage that lets you access the setup and/or video stream.
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glonous keming, you probably don't want to just have an unsecured IP camera that anyone can access
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I've used TinyCam for this on android. There are a number or ip camera viewers out there. Def. figure out how to set a password (check your manual).
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That article is from 2011 and a lot has changed since then regarding the default setups for IP cameras. I've installed dozens of them over the last two years. Regardless, that doesn't invalidate my question of had CollectiveMind tried to go straight to the camera on a broswer and seeing what it did. It'll either serve a web page or it won't. How the camera is secured beyond that is a further matter.
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An IP webcam on the LAN side of the router is NOT an unsecured IP camera. Any default router firewall settings are going to block any access from the WAN side of the router.

glonous keming's advice is exactly the correct advice for the OP at this point.
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