Photo Printing Recommendations for Mailing Direct-to-Customer?
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My fiancée is interested in opening an Etsy shoppe (or similar) for selling her photos online, and I'm looking into the best options for photo-printing for her. The ideal online-printing service would ship the prints directly to the consumer without too much hassle about that (i.e. we'd rather not be a middleman for shipping purposes.)

Previous posts don't really go into this question and are pretty old by internet standards, so I thought I'd ask anew.

Thank you all!
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The term you are looking for is drop shipping - try using that term to search and you may get better search results.
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I used to use Adorama Pix for that. Orders would come in through my Etsy shop, and I'd turn around have the photos printed and shipped by Adorama. I really like the quality of Adorama's printing, and the fact that I could make a nice profit on each print, but the chore of updating the etsy store and manually copying orders over to Adorama led me to give it up.

Another way to go is with a service like Society6 or Redbubble, which sell poster prints but can also put your designs on t-shirts, bags, pillows, etc. They handle the whole thing from ordering to shipping, without you having to get involved at all, and in exchange they take a much bigger cut of the selling price. I'm going to try this approach soon.
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I use Nations Photo Lab to drop ship directly for any sales I make off of my Etsy store, and I've been very happy with the quality and pricing. The one slip up that happened with shipping was rectified quickly and painlessly by their stellar customer service team.
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