Where could I order small amounts of canvas hats and shoes on a budget?
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I'm dipping my toes into the idea of selling hand-drawn things at markets and am wondering where would be best source for canvas shoes of varying sizes and hats for as cheap as possible without being hideously ugly? I'm based in Australia.
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Can't vouch for quality but AliExpress is going to be your cheapest option.
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You might want to look into places that are selling blank apparel to tie-dyers and hand-dyers. In the US I would use Dharma Trading (which I have seen some suggest is sometimes still a cost-effective place to order from internationally for certain dyes if you use the cheapest mailing option, but I suspect that's not the case for canvas items). As a start, I found this list of suggested worldwide dye suppliers (scroll down for Australia). Not sure if all of them are going to stock hats or shoes, but the dyeing community will surely know the answer to this.
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