Seeking fun constructive party diversion for kids/adults
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Say you were having a party where there were plenty of introverts, some kids (over the age of 8), and creative people who maybe wanted a break from standing around talking. There was some kind of really interesting three dimensional thing(s) being built by people of varying skill levels in the corner of the room, that functioned in some humorous/cool way when "activated." There are not many rules or tough instructions. What is this thing?
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Giant Jenga is constructive (the tower gets taller and taller as time goes on), and the release when it finally collapses (activates) is amazing. Not many rules or instructions. Guaranteed to gather a crowd after a short amount of time, and you can start off with just a few people playing and add more as it goes on.
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Magna-tiles (magnetic building tiles in triangle/square shapes) are excellent for all ages and facilitate very creative building.
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+1 to Giant Jenga. One of those things that anybody can be involved in, but the rest of the room can ignore. Put a rug down if you have wood floors though...
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On a seasonal theme small individual gingerbread houses (pre made with graham crackers) are a fun activity. Results can be shared or taken home.
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Zometools could work. I find following instructions helps, but the guides are super vague - just a few pictures and a list of the sticks needed for each model. And the results can be pretty impressive (the Zome hypercube is a completely fascinating object.)
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Or get a stack of cheap paper plates (thinner is better!), some masking tape and bobby pins. Then fold some paper plate spheres and solids.
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Lego - different interlocking sizes available for different ages.

A sticker mural. Those who draw can draw, those who don't trust their drawing skills can apply stickers. To save money some of the stickers can be cut outs and glue sticks. If you can get photos of the people at the party to include and cut out the figures for each person to glue themselves in so much the better.

Playmobil - with a camera that does close range to create pictures of the knight fallen in the well, the princess pulling the knight out of the well, the princess stuffing the dragon down the well etc. everyone gets to take a turn changing the scene and taking a picture of it. Small children to get help with picture taking to ensure that the pictures are in focus.
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