How to prevent and/or cure "sleep dent" in hair
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I wash my hair every other day. On the second day, I always, always wake up with a "dent" in my hair (like a part gone wrong) on the back of the crown of my head, which is odd because I sleep on my side, but whatever. The only thing that cures it is to entirely wash and dry my hair again. Simply wetting and drying that portion never works. But maybe you know something I don't? How can I either prevent this or fix it? Would a silk pillowcase help?
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How long is your hair? Is it possible to wear it up on top of you head, or otherwise style it into an appropriate bun/brain/ponytail? How about using a nighttime silk wrap something like this?
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It's not quite shoulder length. I could try putting it in a ponytail on top of my head, yes.
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Knowing how long and how curly your hair is would help. Longer hair, you can pull up while sleeping, and folks with curlier hair sometimes wear hair bonnets to keep their curls from squishing down during sleep. For shorter, straighter hair, it may be a matter of the post-sleep re-fluffing, which could involve dry shampoo or a sea salt spray.
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My hair is wavy but styled (blow dry and flat iron) into basically a longish, straight newscaster bob. It holds a curl pretty well, meaning that it will also hold a dent from a ponytail holder, but I think that would be easier to restyle in the morning than this dent. I would welcome specific product recommendations for things like dry shampoo or sea salt spray, especially ones that are not strongly scented.
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Use a soft scrunchie for the overnight pony to prevent getting a different dent from that!
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Or an invisibobble - I've never tried them but I believe they're known for being dent-resistant.
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I do the same thing you do with not washing everyday and also being a side sleeper. My trick is to twist my hair into a high bun at night and then use a small claw clip to keep it up there even when I switch sides in the middle of the night. In the morning I just use my blow dryer to straighten any wave from overnight (added bonus: volume from wearing your hair high!).
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The Not Your Mother’s brand makes an unscented dry shampoo. It’s a welcome respite from the Sickening Musk and Aggressive Fake Kiwi scents that every hair care line ladles into their products.
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Invisibobble! It looks like an old fashioned curly telephone wire and leaves no dents. I tie my hair up shoulder length into a high ponytail to save my blowdry a few times a week and I never get weird dents.
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If putting your hair up in a tie or scrunchie causes different dents, you can try using a scarf or doobie/duby/dobie wrap. Here's a video from a woman with hair that looks like it might be your length. A lot of the products and videos will be for women with different hair textures, but the concept is the same, preserving the style in between washes/heat styling.
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Okay I just had a look at the Invisibobble site. Which item are we talking about? There are many!
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Invisibobble Original is the telephone wire one! Topknot is the only solution to this for me--the higher I can get my topknot, the better (I am also a side sleeper).
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Look into getting a satin pillowcase. They run under $10 and I don't get dents at all. I quit wearing a top knot and just pile my hair up and over the pillowcase but a satin pillowcase makes a difference.
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I am the originator of polyurethane retractile cord ponytail holders! the nano version( same as mine) opens and closes before it stretches, not meant to double over a second time , as it closes on your folicular mass it twists it , this twist help refine your natural curl or wave , if you double it by stretching it will put a dent just put it in if it is loose add another it will nest against the first one no dents , I have nothing to do with the boble folk we called it a gellio . Hats off to invisabobble .
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I have the Scunci knock off version of the invisibobble and it works great. You could also try flipping your head upside down and tying a scarf around your hair.
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Along with satin pillowcases, you can get satin head things.
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I recently started sleeping in a silk bonnet (similar to the one rhizome linked to), and it helps so much! My jaw-length bobbed hair is fine and wavy, washed every other day and blowdried straight. The bonnet reduces my previously epic bedhead, snarls, dents, and general mess by at least 85%. If I put a little dry shampoo on the roots before bed, it works even better. So far as I can tell, pretty much every Black woman in the world sleeps in cap, and it's for a very good reason!
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I keep a water mister bottle by the sink. It has an adjustable nozzle and you can use it to "wash" a very specific area without leaving your whole head a dripping mess. I often wake up with weird, random and ridiculous-looking kinks in my hair and the ol' water mister bottle takes care of 'em. Just trying to rinse a specific area with a washcloth or something won't do it. You need the targeted spray.
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I'm going to start with the Invisibobble and if that doesn't work, move on to a silk pillowcase. But I'm very hopeful that it will. Thank you all so much! Googling this problem completely failed to turn up virtually all of the advice given here. Giving thanks today for the green!
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Invisibobble FTW! Found it at Ulta, tried it last night, and it was a complete cure. Thank you!!
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