Epson ES-400 scanner not working on Windows 10, works on W7
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His Epson ES-400 scanner (scans multiple pages) works on his Windows 7 computer but will not work on his new Windows 10 Dell computer. Now I tried it on my Windows 10 computer and it works! ?!?

So... one thing I could try is log into my Microsoft account on his computer to see if that works. But if it does it still doesn't solve our problem because he can't log into my account 20 times a day to scan when all the programs he uses are in his account. It is his work computer. And it has a good amount of programs and files that would be hard to move.

We have spent a few hours in customer support. Epson thinks it's a Windows problem and Microsoft says it is an Epson problem.

We have un-installed, used a register cleaner to uninstall, re-installed several times. And we have tried using the Epson ES-400 driver for W7 on the W10 machine. Didn't help.

We bought a new USB cord. That didn't work.

Now the latest development is we bought a Neat scanner on eBay and it doesn't work either. We would like to use the Epson scanner if we could.

I have Goggled the problem and there is a lot of talk about this but I haven't found the answer there.

We are stumped!
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Does anything else work in that USB port?
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We have tried using different USB ports several times. But I haven't tried switching with the printer. Am trying that now.
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I took the printer USB out, plugged the scanner USB into that port, restarted the computer, turned the scanner off and on and it still did not scan.
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Did you download the Epsom windows 10 driver? Are you using the native software or a third party?
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We downloaded the Epson Windows 10 driver from the Epson website. Especially for the ES-400.
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The fact that two separate scanners from different manufacturers don't work in multiple USB ports on this Windows installation suggests to me that the problem is indeed in Windows itself, and not in either of the scanner drivers.

If that computer were in front of me, I'd be checking the startup state of the Windows Image Acquisition service as described in this article. I would not be going on to install the automated driver updater recommended in that article because experience tells me that automated driver updaters as a class generally cause more problems than they solve.
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I have an Epson multifunction scanner/printer. The software is awful and only worked first time on two of the three Windows 10 PCs I installed it on. Try completely uninstalling all the Epson software and reinstalling it (after a reboot).

Make sure the scanner is plugged in and hasn't gone to sleep when you're installing the software.
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My epson scanner would only work for one scan in Win10 unless I ran it in Administrator mode. This started happening after one of the Window updates.
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