More music like this?: womp womp edition
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I'm in love with the "womp womp" sounds starting at :31 in this remix. Is there a genre that encompasses this song? Any other specific songs y'all would recommend if that's my favorite part of this song?

Here's the song:
Halsey - Alone (Calvin Harris Remix/Audio) ft. Stefflon Don
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Like the dubstep version of this Bob Marley song?

Give it until about 1:20.
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Wow - that song is sick. I listen to a lot of remixes and songs of this genre, and I don't think there's a specific word or genre that you'll find the same satisfaction.

But, in general, that is a "Drop" (IE, "wait till the beat drops in this sick song") and there can be fake-out drops and instrumental drops and every drop is a little different.

to note: snl joke skit about beat drops.

And, a beat drop so sick it will make you quit listening to music altogether:

Here's a strong list of actual songs with satisfying beats. But again, none really carry the exact same feeling as your song.
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That's essentially any dubstep song isn't it?
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It gives me the same feel of a lot of David Morales and Junior Vasquez 90s remixes. They both have a lot on Youtube. I'll drop a recommendation for the Always Be My Baby club mix. Give it the ten minutes, this genre needs to fully get into your funky brain center.
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If you want your bass dropped with a side of meow, check out Robo Kitty by Excision & Downlink.
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I’m almost positive you’ll like Mr. Oizo:
Here’s the hit Flat Beat, the whole Analog Worms Attack album is worth checking out.
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If you go looking for "dubstep" you'll find other genres than this - I'd call this electro house.

There are a few good ways to jump around within electronic music like this.

1. Look for other remixes by Calvin Harris.
2. Find DJ mixes that include this song and see if you like any of the other songs; if you do find more remixes from that remixer.
3. If you like a song/artist, see what label released it and listen to more from that label.
4. Explore on YouTube (channels especially are good for discovery) and Beatport.

For example: Here's your song on Beatport. Check out the "People also bought" and the "Recommended tracks" sections! If you like one, see if that DJ has remixed anything else (they have). Personally I have to go through a lot of songs to find the few I really like. Oh, and Beatport is calling this future house, not electro house.
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It's more house style with a some dubstep influence than pure dubstep. Searching for dirty bass house music will turn up some similar stuff.
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I meant the whop whop sound in particular, which is what the OP asked about.
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Example of making a dirty bassline - skip to 4:26 to hear something pretty close to the example.
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Try the Timo Maas Doom's Night remix, a now nearly 20yr old track built around a weaponized womp womp bassline. It still holds up.
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This reminded me of Radiohead's The National Anthem around the 2:55 mark. Requisite link to The Onion's spot-on commentary to anything Kid A-related.
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I'm very disappointed that there doesn't appear to be a genre named "brass drop" because that is what this should be called.

If it's the low-distorted-brass-instrument sound you're after, as opposed to the "drop", try some electro swing -- some of it is heavier on the "swing" than the "electro" part, but it seems to be in a similar musical neighborhood at least...
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Brass House is a thing, eg Too Many Zooz.

That won’t have the gritty synth bass but seeding them and some of the other suggestions above into Pandora sounds fun.
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Wow, that is sick and I love it! I'll be watching this thread.

I own a lot of electronic music, but I can't name another club-type track that has that precise sound. I feel like I have heard it quite a bit in electroindustrial music though. Mean, weird, robot-type noises are kind of its forte. Some examples:
Project Pitchfork: Awakening (give it 1:00)
Jega: Pitbull
Die Krupps: Risikofactor
Front Line Assembly: Exhale
KMFDM: Megalomaniac
Combichrist: Electrohead
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