Battery heated vest recommendations
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I'm looking to give a battery heated vest as a gift this holiday season, but finding it difficult to locate the perfect match. Ideal product would be a women's fit extra small with a not-too-bulky battery and layer well with other clothing.

The giftee is petite. If it were 1958 I'd say she'd be an 8S, but that's a size 0 today. It isn't shocking that her frame holds almost no heat in the cold weather. I am concerned that the products I am finding online will be too bulky to layer properly as many only go down to size small. Ideally I'd at least find an extra small option, or even something junior. If anyone has real-world experience with any brands that they would recommend or avoid it may at least point me in a more fruitful direction.
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Best answer: I bought the ororo heated vest for my partner and she loves it. They don't make smaller than small but the vest is not at all bulky and I think it would fit a much smaller person while leaving room for layers.
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Best answer: My girlfriend also just bought the ororo and is very happy with it. It's cut super slim, and she's able to wear it under an also pretty slim fitting wool jacket, so definitely layerable.
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I ordered this brand for my tiny husband (5'8" and 125lb) and it's pretty slim and thin. Perfect for layering under other clothing. Best part of buying from Asian suppliers is that they have very small sizes available. It may be too late to get here in time for Christmas, however. His arrived and works flawlessly.
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