Hand and Arm Protection For Working in Meat Lockers
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I am working in a butcher shop and am looking for protective and warm covers/mittens for forearms and hands. First thought were cycling gloves. Fingers need to remain open. Any suggestion upper Midwestern MeFites?
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Maybe arm warmers with thumb holes?
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Leather finger-less gauntlets?

The best butcher's gloves are made of chainmail like the ones on this page. Unfortunately these both cover the fingers and don't go up the wrists. However, with a good pare of needle-nosed pliers it is quite possible to remove the fingers from a chainmail gauntlet. If you are prepared to customize a pair of these you could end up with unbeatable hand protection that could be worn over a cosy liner like an ordinary pair of dollar store fleece gloves.
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You might want to check out Freezer Work Wear and RefrigiWear, look at the professional products they offer.
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Not sure how much protection and warmth you need, but you can certainly get fingerless cycling gloves, sometimes in leather although artificial fabrics are more common. I imagine any outdoorsy/cycling shop would have a decent selection.

You'll have trouble finding warm ones though since they're intended for summer use. You could maybe get a pair loose enough to add a tight-fitting pair of thin fingerless gloves underneath for warmth (cutting the glove-fingers off yourself if needed). Merino wool would probably be the best for that, for warmth without bulk even when wet.
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(but of course that won't do the trick if you need more serious protection like the chainmail gloves linked above, so you definitely need to do your research to see what's safest for people in your profession)
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Search google for Kevlar arm sleeves they are available from all industrial suppliers.

Here is a link to a pair from ULINE
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