Very specific purse request
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Looking for a small purse/wallet with a long adjustable strap. Must be big enough for a normal sized phone and a set of keys, maybe 7” wide? Bonus if it has a clear ID slot. This is for my tween daughter so nothing too pricey. Thanks!
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Is there a Target in your area? I recently shopped for a similar item and there were a lot of options available that fit this bill.
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I have an older version of this cute crossbody and I still use it all the time for air travel, outdoor festival/amusement park type applications where I need my basics on my body, difficult to steal or leave somewhere (you can pee with it on you, as an example, without it being in the way). It's maybe a little larger than you're thinking, it's just about iPad-sized, but it's a good bag.
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I got this one for a vacation:

The strap was very long. It doesn't have a clear id slot but does have card slots on the inside. It held my pixel 2 xl so I think it would hold any phone, and there was room for other stuff as well.
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Yeah, if you don't want to spend money, this sounds like a job for Target.

Depending on what you call pricey, this J Crew bag looks like it fits the bill and I assume there will be some kind of sale for Black Friday.
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Definitely Target. I have a small black crossbody bag with a long strap that fits a phone, keys, chapstick, and not much else — I believe it was around $20 from Target.
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Look into LeSportSac. They have tons of different models of purses and some fit just ID's.
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Urban Outfitters has a ton of these. I just searched "mini crossbody bag" on their website and while some are pretty pricy, plenty are under $30.
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We went with Target, even though the strap was not adjustable. Thanks for so many shopping options!
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